SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization & Website Management

No bells and whistles, just good, old fashioned management and tracking- to keep your coaching business up at the top.

Search Engine Optimization and Google’s algorithm can be tedious to keep up with. It’s constantly updating, and rankings shift every day, so where’s the time? You need someone that is able to apply themselves to your website and brand, and help you build your keyword rankings on specific searches- all while you do what you do best; help people.

When working with a niche marketing company focused on your industry, you’ll experience a focused service devoted to real results. We work with life, health & wellness, and business coaches to customize, update, maintain, and adjust websites in order to grow rankings with the best healthy, long-term SEO strategies.



Of Internet Users Never Scroll Past The First Page of Search Results


Of Your Clients Use One Of The First Five Results They See

Front End Management & Design

The content on your website should be attuned to your audience and search engines.

Back End Management & Website Updates

Plugin and theme updates are regularly maintained for the best performance!

Link Management

Regular review and adjustments to adding and maintaining links to build authority.

Keyword Tracking

Every coaching business is different, and your audience is searching for you! Keywords make the connection happen, so we keep a close eye on them for you!

Google Analytics

Learn and understand how your audience behaves on your website, and what can be done to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Google Tag Manager

Utilizing tools like Google Tag Manager, we can keep track of how people interact with links, buttons, and other features on your site specifically.


Monthly Content Creation

Unique content individually created for you and your business each month, based on keyword success and audience behavior.

Google Adwords Campaigns

Combining organic strategies with regular Adwords campaigns is the healthiest approach for long-term SEO results!

 Sage Coach Marketing’s SEO Experience

Our teams regular maintenance, management, tracking, and training through Google with search engines and their algorithms allow us to be hands on with your professional coaching business’ website’s growth and success. 

In 6 months, our average client's rankings for all of their keywords increased by 2.9 pages!

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You can set up a time for a virtual meeting with an account manager to answer any questions you may have and discuss customized packages, just by clicking the button below! 

A Digital Marketing Experience Designed For Coaches

Industry Experience

Our niche market focus on only working with coaches allows us to be exceptionally familiar with your industry and audience behaviors saving you time and money!

No Outsourcing (at any level!)

Our all in-house team works together locally within Summerville, SC. Communication is our highest priority and working together we make it happen.

Regular Meetings & Communication

It's important to know how you're being presented online, and with our consistent communication and service structure, not only will you always be in the know about our campaigns and gameplans, you will be a part of the plan itself. 

“Amazing people. When I met with them for an initial consultation, they were very honest and advised me that my companies social media game was pretty good as is. They didn’t try to sell me on something I didn’t need, they provided some suggestions that helped tremendously. Thank you for truly being a company that I know I can trust for all of my future marketing needs!” – TM

Their team is wonderful! They designed my website & knocked it outta the park. What’s better is that they were extremely patient & detail-oriented throughout the process as they helped walk me through figuring out what I wanted & making it a reality. Thank you!” -JM

They created my website and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I have gotten SO many compliments on it! They are incredibly professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and creative!!!!! They did a fantastic job of listening to my vision and making it a reality!!! They have been absolutely fantastic with managing my social media! So creative!” – LA

I love that everything is done in house with these guys. Their team have been Johnny on the spot for any needs I have. They give honest feedback about the things I do need help with as well as the things I DON’T which helped built a lot of trust right from the start. I refer people to them all the time and they’ve been just as happy.” -CA

Hands down the best marketing move for me ever! Website design and social media marketing was flawless and I can’t wait to have more services with this amazing team.” -AH