Marketing Consultations & Strategy

Avoid the pitfalls and typical issues that come with a generalized marketing team; our niche market focus gives us access to a time-tested marketing strategy that works best for the professional coaching industry.

We know marketing can be alot to take in when managing and running a business, and business-life as a professional coach doesn’t slow down often! You have a limited amount of time on your hands, and keeping up with your marketing plan can be difficult to take on alongside everything else. That’s why when working with our marketing team, you’ll be able to trust and feel secure in a 6 month strategy to help you reach your goals in the professional coaching world.

We often hear the concerns of ‘I don’t know who to trust’ or ‘how much should I spend?’, ‘where should I start?’ and we’re more than happy to help give you the answers. No two professional coaches are alike, and we will adapt to your brand, voice, personality, and online presence to help apply what makes you, ‘you’ into a long term digital marketing campaign.


Businesses with a marketing plan are 10 times more likely to succeed with their marketing efforts than those without a marketing plan.

Target Audience Identification

We help identify your business’ target avatar in order to more effectively strategize a long term marketing campaign.

Advertising Lane Comparison

What marketing and advertising are you currently doing? We’ll review and compare to our current industry recommendations.

Branding Analysis

Is your branding geared towards your perfect target avatar or does it need adjusting? If so, we factor that timeline into your strategy, as well!

6 Month Campaigns

After analyzing and reviewing your goals, we’ll create and personalize a 6 Month Strategy to get you there, with actionable steps for our team and yours.

Monthly Meetings

Communication is our highest priority, and with regular monthly meetings we’re able to consistently review and manage the long term strategies in the most effective ways.

Daily Actionable Goals

It takes two to tango, and it takes a team to make a campaign happen, but with you involved too! We create actionable goals and behaviors you can implement alongside our efforts to give it the biggest boost.

Zero Outsourcing

Our team of all in-house creatives work together on every service, project, and campaign brought to the table. This way, you know who specifically is working on your brand, and how.

Campaign Fluidity & Adaptability

In the ever changing world of digital marketing and advertising, your strategies have to be agile and adaptable to take your place at the top of the list, and get in front of your target audience.

What Makes Sage Coach Marketing Reliable and Effective:

With over 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising, our marketing experts have helped over a hundred other businesses with their marketing goals. By creating solid marketing plans for long-term campaigns, drafting out each step into actionable achievable goals and efforts, and regularly touching back to review progress, we’ve seen wonderful success within our marketing consultation and strategy services.

Hours Experience

Businesses Worked With On Marketing Strategies

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A Digital Marketing Experience Designed For Coaches

Industry Experience

Our niche market focus on only working with coaches allows us to be exceptionally familiar with your industry and audience behaviors saving you time and money!

No Outsourcing (at any level!)

Our all in-house team works together locally within Summerville, SC. Communication is our highest priority and working together we make it happen.

Regular Meetings & Communication

It's important to know how you're being presented online, and with our consistent communication and service structure, not only will you always be in the know about our campaigns and gameplans, you will be a part of the plan itself. 

“Amazing people. When I met with them for an initial consultation, they were very honest and advised me that my companies social media game was pretty good as is. They didn’t try to sell me on something I didn’t need, they provided some suggestions that helped tremendously. Thank you for truly being a company that I know I can trust for all of my future marketing needs!” – TM

Their team is wonderful! They designed my website & knocked it outta the park. What’s better is that they were extremely patient & detail-oriented throughout the process as they helped walk me through figuring out what I wanted & making it a reality. Thank you!” -JM

They created my website and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I have gotten SO many compliments on it! They are incredibly professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and creative!!!!! They did a fantastic job of listening to my vision and making it a reality!!! They have been absolutely fantastic with managing my social media! So creative!” – LA

I love that everything is done in house with these guys. Their team have been Johnny on the spot for any needs I have. They give honest feedback about the things I do need help with as well as the things I DON’T which helped built a lot of trust right from the start. I refer people to them all the time and they’ve been just as happy.” -CA

Hands down the best marketing move for me ever! Website design and social media marketing was flawless and I can’t wait to have more services with this amazing team.” -AH