Digital Marketing and Design Services for Professional Coaches

Life, Business, Health & Wellness

Start putting your best foot forward online, with digital marketing and design personally created and managed for your industry!

Website & Branding Design

Redesign, Creation, Edits, you name it, we can help! Customized quotes are created for every project based on your needs!

Social Media Management

Take comfort in the security and success of hands-on management with a designated account manager and designer for posts and stories!

SEO / Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is not magic, mystery, or smoke and mirrors- it’s good ol’fashioned hard work, regular upkeep, and unique content creation.

Marketing & Strategy

You essentially gain a new member of your coaching business and brand, dedicated to creating a 6-month strategy to get there, and breaking it down into daily actionable goals.

Wasting time and money with a generalized marketing agency that doesn’t know the differences between a Needs Analysis and a Needs Assessment? Here’s why to work with an agency with a niche:

Generalists say yes to everything. Specialists say yes when they can duplicate a past win. Would you rather work with an agency with little to no experience working with businesses like yours? Or would you prefer to work with an agency that has worked with over one hundred businesses exactly like yours with proven processes, frameworks, and methodologies to get you the exact results you’re looking for as fast as possible?

Advertising agencies will provide you a service and could care less about the results. Niche marketing is about creating change in your company that will lead your business to a happy and healthier place. Do you want a random and disconnected agency trying to guess at your voice or do you want to work with a company that knows how to make you successful?

What does Sage Coach Marketing do differently for coaches?

We are a niche marketing company that never outsources.

With our niche focus being tuned into the coaching industry, we know what questions to ask and what strategies to plan through for your success! And throughout the process, you can rest assured that an all in-house team is working on it for you. 

Focus on Communication and Transparency

Have you ever worked with a company that kept their data behind a screen, all the while feeding you only the info they want you to see? 

We provide 100% transparency, communication, and guidance through each of our services. All of our projects are created with timelines, and our services require regular communication and planned meetings so you are always in the loop about your marketing campaigns. 

You retain full ownership of your projects and accounts, 100% of the time.

At projects’ ends, our clients receive all the file types they could ever need, and they fully own the design from that point forward. 

And while we provide marketing services, we never take full control of anything. You own your accounts, we just like to think of ourselves as a supporting character in your business’ success!

We provide hands-on management with designated account managers.

Each of our clients has a designated account manager to directly communicate within work hours, and as for our services, we keep a watchful eye on your accounts for you during the day so you don’t need to worry about any stray messages or comments while you work.

We’ll be there for you, every step of the way.

How Do I know If Sage Coach Marketing is Right For Me?

Are you seeking someone to take a personalized, energetic, and motivated effort to your social media presence or website growth?

Does it feel like it’s impossible to keep up with Google’s search rankings, and the social media algorithms are leaving you in the digital dust?

That’s where we come in!

I never have the time to answer social media messages or comments- let alone engage with other accounts.

That’s okay! We spend time every day devoted to your account, with posts, stories, message and comment responses, and public outreach to the audience you need!

I can't keep up with all the social media and seo algorithm changes! I don't know where to start half the time.

With our services, you won’t need to. We’re on top of the regular updates and healthy practices brands like yours need to stay at the top. And if you ever have any questions, we’re more than happy to answer!

I don't know how to login to my website, make changes, or create one for my business.

Website design for coaches is such an amazing process because ultimately, you’re seeking to reach people in need. We will customize a website just for you and your branding, and if you need help with the small stuff- you won’t need to sweat it.

I don't have a clue what SEO is, or how to do it for myself.

No worries! Search Engine Optimization is often described online as some kind of mystical, elusive skill but it really boils down to determined, practical, and healthy routines in website maintenance. We can take care of that for you.

What would I even write about for a blog? I don't have the time to do that, and I need it to be in my voice!

Blog management and creation can be daunting, but we’re ready and willing! Our in-house blog writer creates individual and unique blogs with 1500+ word count so that not only Google but your audience can see you as an authority in your field. 

No two blogs are alike, and nothing is ever recycled. Month to month, with customized topics and amounts based on your needs!

Our Approach

Niche marketing with a focus on coaching businesses- that’s what we excel at! We find so much value in being part of the process of growth- hence our lovely sage branding! Wisdom, growth, guidance, and it all starts somewhere. When we apply ourselves to your branding, we become part of the process to bring attention to you and your business.

Branding to make sure your audience is receptive, Social Media Marketing to seek their engagement and new people, Search Engine Optimization to help your site be up there at the top when they’re ready for your services and searching for you! 

Each and all of the services we provide are done by a team of in-house creatives working together to bring wonderful growth to your brand. We’ll give you advice on where to start, and also tell you when somethings not in your best interest. We like to think of ourselves as niche marketers that work alongside business coaches, a team player for your branding every step of the way.


How It Works

Schedule A No Cost 1:1

You can set up a time today to chat with a member of our in-house team about your marketing goals for your coaching business! The first consultation’s free, and typically set for an hour to get all the good details down!


Get A Custom Quote

From there, our awesome team will create a customized quote for you and your needs, with timelines and proper structural planning!

Reach Your Goals

And from there, you’ll be working with Sage Coach Marketing and you’ll have our dedicated focus on your brand to help you reach your audience in the most effective way!

Still Have Questions?